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My Genderation is a series of documentary films exploring gender variance. Our films are unique, intimate, and insightful, created by trans people, all about other trans people, for a much wider audience. Directed, filmed & edited by Fox & Lewis (My Transsexual Summer, Ch4)

For 24 hours EXCLUSIVELY on DIVA, check out the first film to be released as part of the epic PATCHWORK mini-series of 25 short documentary films on trans* people living in the UK. We are partnered with All About Trans.

14 films will be released online in total starting with this one, Ayla. The remaining 11 will feature in a 45 minute show to be aired on Channel 4.

Thanks so much to everyone involved. These are very exciting times!

Amazing to think that three years ago we were on a massive documentary show My Transsexual Summer. Two years ago we decided to cut out the middlemen and start making films, mostly non-fiction. We’ve had success with BBC Fresh New Genderation and the mighty Patchwork project, with almost half to be aired on  Channel 4 later this year.

Let us know what you think! 

Hey everyone, check out this piece on the All About Trans site about the Channel 4 launch event, plus all of our amazing contributors! Was an awesome night and the 25 films are going to be on slow release each week. Channel 4 are also going to be broadcasting some of them so STAY TUNED!


On the 31st July, 100+ people arrived at Channel 4, near Victoria, to celebrate the creation of 25 short My Genderation films for the Patchwork project, a collaboration between Lucy Tooth & All About Trans. We created these films over the past intensive 6 months. We showed an extensive trailer, as well as 8 out of the 25 films and a Q&A session with us, the creators, and the contributors as well. It was a fantastic opportunity to network and celebrate all our hard work. Since then, Lewis and I have been approached by a few different production companies wanting help and advise with gaining trust within the emerging trans* community.  Lewis and I are in such a unique position, being trans* ourselves and having the empathy and skills to create such heartfelt content.

The last time we were both at Channel 4’s screening room was when we watched the first episode of My Transsexual Summer, just under 3 years ago. A lot has changed since then, for ourselves and for the trans* ‘movement’ in general. We are currently seeking an agent. 

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We did some extensive coverage of the first Trans* Pride March in Europe, as well as the 2nd Trans* Pride Brighton. Fox is on the Trans* Pride committee, and designed the logo, merchandise etc. Thanks to everyone who was involved in Trans* Pride Brighton, and we can’t wait for next year’s event!!

If you get a chance to pickup a copy (or view online) of Gscene magazine, you may notice there’s loads of lovely trans people in it!! Many of these fantastic individuals are also contributors to My Genderation / Patchwork. We are in the midst of editing these short films which will be available on 4OD and other sites in the next few months. Thanks so much to James Ledward (editor in chief of Gscene) for all his support in making this special trans focused issue. It means a lot to us!! 

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working with All About Trans on a project titled Patchwork. We’ve been meeting with 25 inspiring people, to create 25 short films, with All About Trans. Each short film features someone living in the UK, with passions, interests, upbringings, gender variance and experiences.

Each film focuses on the theme of support and celebration.

The films are destined for the All About Trans website, My Genderation website, 4OD, and a selection of them will be broadcast on Channel 4, over the next few months, hopefully with us presenting them.

What makes Patchwork entirely unique is that it’s created by trans people (with experience both sides of the camera) about trans people, for a much wider audience. We direct, film & edit all our films - and we work closely with our contributors throughout the editing process, keeping our message authentic and clear. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

My Genderation Theme song by: Oliva Spleen & François Carle & Jerome Frulin


We’ve been having chats with some movers and shakers at the BBC & Ch4. We are in the midst of creating 25 short films as part of Patchwork (My Genderation & All About Trans), some of which will be released in the next month!! In the meantime, here’s some screengrabs of some of our contributors: Luke, Sabah, Bex, Maki, Octavian, Alicia, Nathan and Oliva. All amazing people. 

We are having a soft launch at Ch4 HQ at the very end of July and two official launches at the BBC in September. Exciting times! 

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BBC Fresh Reviews ‘Tayler: New Genderation’

Sharon Hepburn, BBC Fresh producer, says: 

"Raphael and Lewis, the filmmakers, made this film as part of a bigger project about trans issues. 

The storytelling in this film is the reason why I have chosen it as one of my Rated films. The central point of the story, the heart of it, is that Tayler is an ordinary person with an amazing and inspiring life-story and he is only 14! 

I particularly like the way the story is set up. The sequences of Tayler skateboarding, and playing with his dog, inform the viewer visually that this is an ordinary boy doing ordinary things. And up to 1 minute in, that’s the story. At this point, we learn that Tayler has always felt different. Delaying bringing in the main point of the story, after already establishing his ordinariness, serves to heighten the intrigue about what the story is about. 

Then we come to Tayler’s mum, another amazing person with an inspiring story to tell. The setting for this interview, amongst beautiful natural surroundings and in bright sunshine, helps with the uplifting story she is telling. It also allows the filmmakers to get some more sequences of Tayler messing about on the river like any kid of his age would. 

Raphael and Lewis have chosen to have the two interviews as separate sections within the film, when maybe a more conventional way of presenting this would be to have the interviews inter-cut with each other. It might still be interesting to see how this would work. On the other hand, I can appreciate why they might have made this choice. Tayler gets his chance to tell his own story, in his own way, without his mum, or anyone else interpreting or commenting upon it. 

The sequences also help to tell the story in a visual sense, they’re not just used as a way to cover the cuts in the interview sync. This is something that is really important in documentary filmmaking. (See our How 2 film called “Sequences: What are they?” for more on this - link below). 

The picture and sound quality in this film is spot on and, at just over 7 minutes long, New Genderation is a great example of what you can do with a short. It is tight and yet the story has been given time to breathe. Having said that, I can see how this could be developed into a longer film.”

Many thanks to BBC Fresh for all their support. View the film HERE

We are working closely with Channel 4 and our partners All About Trans as we produce our batch of 25 films (3 mins each in length) over the next few months. It’s a mammoth task, although completely rewarding. We meet at Ch4 HQ every 5 weeks until the end of July. Each film is about a unique and inspiring person in the UK who reveals to be much more than just their trans* status.


Student Pride was brilliantly organised and it was a genuine thrill to see them focusing on the ‘T’ aspect this year. Here’s the link If you would like to watch the debate, chaired by Evan Davis (of Dragon’s Den & Radio 4’s Today show) 

Sadly, Lewis was unwell, so our bro Reuben stepped in last minute. We were also joined by Octavian, who will also be featured in the 25 new films we are making as part of Patchwork with All About Trans.

Earlier that day, we were interviewed by Dylan, an Irish trans-guy and film-maker. We had a fantastic chat about transition and the wave of change. Can’t wait to see the final edit. 

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