My Genderation Documentaries

Here you can find documentaries that have been made for My Genderation. All of our documentaries are made by trans people about trans people for a wider audience and we pride ourselves in authentic, personal and realistic content about trans lives and trans experiences. Our documentaries are shown in film festivals across the world, used for educational purposes and many have been endorsed by the BBC, Channel 4, NHS and more.

What makes our documentaries unique is that it’s made entirely by trans people and the focus of the films and the topics are more in depth, personal and engaging. Often documentaries that are made by cis people (people who are not trans) focus on the wrong things or are not able to give a realistic, in depth view of what it is to be trans. This is why many documentaries on trans issues are often over saturated, focused on medical treatments and enforce tired tripes or problematic language. Our films are made by people within the community and in consultation with other trans people.

Our film ALICE is up for an award – please vote!

Our film ALICE was one of the finalists for an award with Stories Lived, a film competition. The award is ...
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My Genderation Shorts Programme on the 21st of June

My Genderation is hosting a shorts programme on the 21st of June 2017! The programme will include never before released ...
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