Fox and Owl

Here you can find personal and intimate vlogs from Fox and Owl. Where as most of our documentaries, sketches and fiction films are shot using more professional equipment and are more structed, our vlogs are simply just us talking to a camera and sharing with you what we get up to in our day to day lives. We usually vlog about things that are going on, different projects or from our travels around the world. To get a get a glimpse into what we get up to in our day life, please take a look at our vlogs!

Trans Women Exist – This is Not A Debate

Germaine Greer was invited to speak during International Women's Day on the 23 of March 2017 at the Brighton Dome ...
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Fox and Owl Read Hate Comments

This is a video we made where we read some of the recent hate comments we have received on social ...
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Non Binary Lover: What Do I Call You?

A vlog we made about not having any specific partner names to use for each other as non binary partners ...
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A huge thank you to Feedspot who have named our channel Fox & Owl as one of the ‘Top 100 Transgender Youtube Channels‘, it’s an honour to be mentioned next to some big names in YouTube.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved with My Genderation.